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No sense of direction

You’ve probably noticed the lack of ‘life’ entries over the past few weeks – most of what I’ve written here has either been technologically-related, something that I’ve changed on the blog or links to other sites. Okay, so that’s what a weblog should be – a log of stuff I’ve found on the web – but I’ve always wanted this to be a mixture of weblog content and journal-style entries where I talk about my life and what happens to it.

The fact is, this easter holiday has been somewhat boring. I’ve hardly done anything noteworthy at all – most of my time has been spent sat at home. I’ve not been out, and not really had chance to meet up with my friends back here in York. So there’s been little to blog on that front.
The news-y stuff has also taken a hammering ever since I joined Bits & Bytes – instead of posting things here, I’m doing it there. I don’t see the point of posting entries on both sites, partly because of the effort in doing so but also because if you read both blogs it’ll look like repition. I try hard not to be one of these ‘me-too’ bloggers, unless it’s something like a poll or something that I have an opinion on and I’ve yet to find a site that agrees with me.
I do occasionally post links both here and on B&B, but I’ll generally do that if I want to post a long entry or have an opinion that I can’t necessarily back up with facts. The last thing I want to do is throw Lockergnome into disripute by posting rumours that turn out to be false. My links with Xteq make this all the more important – gnomies are a major part of our user base so we need to keep Lockergnome on our side. I don’t want to spoil that.
Anything overly political doesn’t get posted, particularly when related to the war. I don’t really like reading this stuff, so I won’t put you guys through it. It’s also because of my undecicded view about whether the war is a good idea – I really don’t have an opinion on the subject.
So we’re left with my life, which has been uneventful, as I’ve said. I will be back in Bradford for term 3 starting on Sunday, so hopefully things will pick up. As it is, I’ve really missed everyone at Uni, and that was underlined yesterday when I popped back to do another open day (which will be the last one until November, probably) and met up with several people off my course and in halls. Some of the people I’ve met since September have been great, and will hopefully be friends for life.
I am worried about summer though. Living without my university friends these past 4 weeks has been hard – how am I going to survive for 3 months?
Anyway, I’m putting this over to you – what do you want me to blog about? You can probably tell that I’m indecisive about what I should talk about, so the ‘it’s your blog, do what you like’ argument falls through there. Several of you read this frequently so I’d love to know what you like most – technical stuff, links to other sites with commentary, or my life. Or should I stick to what I’ve been doing all along and try to combine the three? Any constructive comments are welcome (and any flames will be deleted with your IP addresses names and shamed).


  1. I read your blog daily, Neil.
    I think you’re doing a good job covering several aspects of your life.
    I do like to see the technical stuff, but that’s just me. I also enjoy reading about your life as a student, as that is something that I will go through very soon myself 🙂
    All I can say is keep up the good work, keep those entries coming, and don’t kill your RSS feeds, which are priceless 🙂

  2. I like a mixture of real world rambling and techie stuff as all techie can get really boring and sometime all student stuff makes me want to stop working and go be a student!

  3. It’s all good Neil, your blog is always one of the first I read in the morning.
    I think the mix you have of techie and “life” stuff is pretty good.
    So don’t stop blogging!

  4. I am a regular reader of your blog. I enjoy the techie links you provide as we share the same interests and its saves me the time looking for the stories. I also value your personal opinions.
    I miss the old design and the way you once continually tweaked the design but I guess you have outgrown the tweaking or simply do not have the time.
    Still keep up the good work.