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21 icons to go…

Mark Pilgrim, amongst other many other things, linked to this set of buttons yesterday. I’ve seen them around – Ben uses them, for example.
Ben only uses 3, which link to his RSS 1.0 feed, FOAF profile and position on GeoURL. I’ve found that I could link to rather more – 21, in fact. No kidding.
Because there are indeed 21 images to load, I’ve made this an extended entry, so you’ll need to open it to view them. Here goes….

I have since checked to find that I’m only using 1.0 Transitional, though I seem to remember 1.1 messed up the display of the header in Mozilla and I hadn’t been able to fix it in CSS. Or rather Mozilla was displaying it correctly, but I didn’t like it.


  1. some very nice work, I may just need to “Steal These Buttons!” too.

  2. Hey Im glad you appreciated the collection! If you have any ideas or feel creative feel free to make some! I noticed you work for/with xteq.. I am a BIG fan of the x-setup util! Thanks 🙂