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Software Patenting in Europe… again

The BSA are at it again. No, they’re not doing the legitimate work of clamping down on businesses with unlicensed software, instead they’re lobbying the EU to introduce software patents. The US already has them, and it’s led to companies like Symantec patenting heuristic virus scanning (which is included in many of its competitors’ software packages).
In short, I think software patents are wrong, and they jeapordise innovation. It’s thanks to the patent on MP3 that the Lame developers have such a hard time, since its manufacturers want money out of them, even though the Lame encoder is superior to the official one.
So, this is for anyone living in the EU or one of the Eastern European countries that is soon to join it: go the Software Patents campaign site, contact your MEP and let them know your concerns, and then keep on bugging them. If you’re not convinced, the site has more information.

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