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Spam surgery

Looking through my spam today, I can get a larger bust size, a penis extension, my hair restored, lose weight and look 10-20 years younger, all by replying to a few emails! Great!
Except I have no bust to start with, I’m not losing my hair, I’m not overweight and if I looked 20 years younger I wouldn’t have been born yet. And my penis is annoying enough as it is – I’d dread to think what it’d be like if it was any longer.
Oh, and here’s the obligatory link to The Penis Blog Project (do not look at it if you’re at work or university). You probably know about it already, but seeing as I was discussing that area of my body it seemed appropriate.


  1. Oh Come on, everyone can use a bigger bust.

  2. Or the perfect pasta pot!

  3. We bow down to you King Dong, if I were only as well endowed as you, surely I would also find my penis unbearable if it was any longer.
    You are indeed the love machine neil