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“New” Gadgets

This is my wrist. Notice it has a watch on it.
For the first time in over a month I have a watch which works (bad English but at least it alliterates). I finally got off my arse today and had a new battery fitted, at the cost of a mere £2.50. I’ve had this watch (a Casio analogue/digital combo) for some years now – I can’t remember exactly how long but I guess it’s about 6 years old. It’s not particularly fashionable, but it works how I want it. I’m unsure whether this is its second or third battery, but it is on its third strap.
And this is my new digital camera :). Again, it’s not brand new – I’ve had it a few weeks, and that photo was actually taken in the mirror in my room at Uni about a month ago. I suppose I could submit it to the mirror project if I really wanted to…
It’s not brand new either, rather it’s second hand. I swapped it for my old Samsung Yepp-E MP3 player, which became redundant after I replaced it with my Unitech Duex. The camera is a fixed-zoom Fujifilm DX10, but it does have an LCD screen and can take video. Its photos are 1024×768 in size – okay, we’re not talking megapixels here but it’s good enough. And it uses a serial rather than USB connection…
But wait! I don’t have a serial port, right? Well, I do now…. kinda. I got a USB-Serial converter cable that creates a virtual COM4 port that I can use. It seems to work well enough, though it did set me back £30. Still, it’s cheaper than buying a new digital camera.
The other “new” gadget I have is a new electric razor. Again, it’s not new, in fact it’s about 12 years old and used to belong to my dad. He now has a new supercool razor, so I have his old one. It got a new battery today so it should hopefully last a while longer. Like my old one, it’s a Philishave, but it has 3 rotating heads rather than 2, which means I can destubble myself quicker. It does take much longer to charge than my old one though – 16 hours instead of 1, but a full charge lasts longer.

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