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Unpack before you go-go

Just a note for any of you guys who decide to download Grand Theft Auto – if like me you are going to be burning it to CD-R, you may want to get a copy of WinZip (or equivalent) out and do this:

  1. Extract the zip file to a temporary folder.
  2. Open the GTAINSTALL.exe file in WinZip (yes, the executable) and extract it to a subfolder.
  3. Copy the readme file into that subfolder
  4. Delete the original archive and the GTAINSTALL file

As you may gather, for some bizarre reason Rockstar Games have packed the installer files twice, even though the files themselves were already compressed (so some files are actually compressed 3 times). It means that if you ever have to install this more than once, you won’t have to wait ages while the files are extracted several times.

I’ve now installed the game, but have yet to sit down and play it (assuming that it works in XP, of course). Since the game was originally released in 1997, I can probably get away with having it at high resolution and still get good performance – 16MB graphics cards didn’t exist in those days, IIRC.

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