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Polling Power

This morning, my postal ballot for York’s Council Elections arrived. It’ll be the first ever election that I’ve voted in, since in the past I’ve not been old enough to vote.
incidentally, I also have a vote in Bradford as well, as technically I’m registered as living there too. Apparently, I can vote in either election, but not both.
I’ve decided to vote for the York election, mainly because I have a postal vote (so I don’t have to wander out to the polling station, even though I think I know where it is), but also because one of the candidates is a friend of my parents. Her party also happens to be quite good, so my 3 votes will be going the way of the Liberal Democrats this year. Labour and the Conservatives are also fielding candidates, but as it is I’m a little disillusioned by Labour. And don’t get me started on the Conservatives – though I will say one thing: Jim Davidson.
Another reason for not voting in Bradford is the lack of candidate information. As far as I know, there are candidates for Labour, Conservatives, LibDems and the Green Party in my ward (known as ‘University’ because the University takes up a large part of it and it’s mostly inhabited by students), but I couldn’t find anything, either from Bradford Council or from the BBC that confirmed it. Had the BNP been fielding a candidate I certainly would have voted against them (I dispise the BNP with a passion) but they don’t appear to be so stupid as to field a candidate in a ward where the student union have been actively campaigning against them… They are, unfortunately, fielding candidates elsewhere in Bradford, so I’m hoping that they don’t get any seats.
By the way, anyone who wishes to post pro-BNP comments may do so, but I’m afraid I will have to brand you as a racist bigot. In my mind, the argument that ‘they are the only party that truly represents the British working class’ is complete and utter bollocks.

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