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Grand Theft Auto I

In case you haven’t read LG Windows Daily, you may not know that the full Grand Theft Auto I is available for download, for free. Okay, so you could probably get the latest version off KaZaArgh but this one is legal, and will work on more decrepid machines, like mine…
It is a whopping 328MB so it’s probably only on the cards for broadbanders, and the number of cocurrent connections is apparently limited, but I seem to be able to download it alright with a 29.1KB/sec transfer rate (which is almost as fast as my connection will go). Unfortunately, it’s not going to be finished for another 3 hours :(.
You do have to give your name, address and a working email address to download it (the download link is emailed to you, it changes every time and is tied to your IP address and user agent), and say that you’re over-18, since it has ‘mature themes’, in case you didn’t know…


  1. Wow – a company giving away free games, I think I just seen a few horseman amble down the road.
    The end is nigh!

  2. Sweet deal. We use to play this game in college all the time.
    Never forget the time I pulled my friend (sitting on the next computer) out of his car and then backed up over him.
    I’ll be downloading this one for sure.