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Form Frenzy

Yesterday I hinted that I had 4 forms to fill in. Well, 2 are now done, and the other 2 are almost done bar a few details that I haven’t got yet; namely my student loan details (as in proof that I get one).

As for progress with Delphi: I got 5 out of the 6 additional packages installed (the 6th didn’t have a web site given, only an email address), however when I opened the FeedReader project file it appears that it relies on several Delphi 7 components – I of course am only using Delphi 6. I’ll see if I can upgrade – after all, the copy of Delphi 6 that I have is registered.
My aim, as I’ve said before, is to get it to compile without needing to modify it greatly – that way, I know that if it stops co-operating after I change something it’s my own fault. My current plan d’action is as follows:

  • Add a menu bar
  • Redesign the toolbar icons to look more XP-ish, and perhaps add some more (some without the text)
  • New program icon
  • Redesign the ‘Add Feed’ system so that it looks like a common Windows wizard
  • Add the ability to validate feeds
  • More extensive help file

I think those are within my current capabilities, but I can always add to it as I learn more about the Delphi programming environment and the Object Pascal language. For example, support for content:encoded, or maybe a properties page for displaying more information about the feed. I could even add Gecko support, for people who dispise IE’s rendering engine… It would also allow easier porting to Linux if I did, since Kylix uses Object Pascal.
Of course, I haven’t even got the damn thing to compile yet, so it may be a way off. But if I stick at it, I might be able to make one kick-ass RSS aggregator. I may even be able to do what Chris was posting about today, if all goes well.

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