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Cleaning up XML-RPC with SOAP

When I had my old Blogger Blog, I used w.bloggar to post to it, since it offered a nice interface. But then, when I got to university, it stopped working – I’m guessing it was blocked by the firewall (no, I don’t know why either…).
When I joined the Lockergnome B&B team, Chris recommended that I use it. So I downloaded it again, and tried to run it . It had no problem with LG’s MT system, but when it came to hooking it up with my own, I was getting nowhere – all it would give me were HTTP 500 Internal Server Errors.
I couldn’t immediately find any answer to the problem until today, when, by chance, I happened to have a brainwave. I remembered that the server didn’t have SOAP support, which I knew was linked to XML-RPC – the communication method used by w.bloggar and other API clients. As my other methods of removing 500 errors had failed (checking that the file had been uploaded as ASCII, fiddling with the file permissions etc), I decided that it was worth a try.
And you know what? It works! In fact, this post is coming to you from w.bloggar. The interface has certainly got better than when I last used it (which was over six months ago), and it means I have a common interface for posting to both my own blogs and to LG. I’ll still use the web interface primarily though, as that lets me edit comments and fiddle with the templates, but I’m happy that I’ve finally solved the problem.
The guide to adding SOAP to MT is detailed in the Movable Type installation guide. Note that the link it gives is dead – instead, visit this page on and then select ‘Download’, or download it directly.

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