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Textual randomness

This morning, this message arrived on my mailbox:

Hi Gorgeous,
I saw your info and thought you might be interested in chatting.
I have a couple of nice pics that you can see and also you can message
me if you want to chat. Come talk to me here ..

Before you start winking at me, a closer examination of the email led me to believe it is spam – it was sent to 4 people, all with email addresses. Looks like someone’s been doing a dictionary attack against them.
Then I had this comment posted to one of the entries:

I am best neil, you are not. You are not even second best neil, because that is Neil Griffin!!Give up and accept defeat!!I am very good at French!!haw he haw he haw!! i eat frogs and snails and i smell of garlic!je suis francais!! j’avais une lapin.

Erm… right. Yeah. Okay.
By the way, it’s “un lapin”, not “une”.

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