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One of the first sites I ever visited when I first got the internet 4 years ago is still online! Cool! 😀
By the way, I’ve added some statistics to the bottom of the sidebar. Looks like I’ve just passed the 70 000 word mark :). I’ve also reinstated the thing which tells you how many words are in an extended entry (ie those where you have to click ‘Continue reading’ to, er, continue reading), so you can see how long the article is. Believe me, sometimes I write more in blog entries than I do in coursework essays.
Data courtesy of the MTWordStats plugin – it lets you do a lot more than I’ve let it do here, such as giving reading scores and the average number of words in a sentence, or the number of syllables in an entry, or the number of unique words, or…. okay, I’m rambling. Sorry.

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