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Worrying Malware

While I am normally careful about what I install, I still keep a copy of Spybot S&D to hand, as sometimes you can never be truly sure what your system is doing.
However, one of the more recent news updates disturbs me:

ClientMan is a new Malware target; first reported as suspicious, it became clear soon that it will pass the ZoneAlarm firewall without user consent. When it tries to connect to the Internet, and ZoneAlarm displays it’s dialog whether the program should be allowed to connect or not, ClientMan will auto-click the ‘Yes’ button after checking the ‘Always’ checkbox. This way, it grants itself Internet Access without the user even noticing more than a short flash of the ZA dialog.

Sometimes I wonder how some software developers sleep at night. Apparently ZA Pro and Plus users can do something about it, but users of the free version may still be vunerable. Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware will remove it if you use the latest updates.

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