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Fresh Start – Day 2

Today I finished my Windows Update binge, which included installing DirectX 9.0a and Windows Media Player 9 Series, followed by the Sun JDK and JRE. I managed to get 1.4.1 to install this time – in the past I couldn’t get it to work, so having it install successfully was a minor achievement. But then again the system was still quite bare at the time so there wasn’t much to conflict with it.
I think all driver issues are sorted – this morning XP managed to forget I had a sound card, graphics card or modem. I’m guessing it was related to Windows Update, as updated sound and graphics drivers were on offer, which got those sorted, and the modem was fixed easily. Interestingly the last step for installing them said to ‘set the country settings to Korea’. Um, right…
Although I now have most of my proggies reinstalled, the system is still quite considerably faster than before, though that may have been helped by a defrag and a run through with BootVis, and BlackViper’s services tweak guide, which helped me disable several non-essential services.
Next job: install Mandrake 9.1 :).


  1. Trust me, you’ll love Mandrake 9.1. Just make sure you get all 3 discs… you only *need* the first one to install it, but the other two (yes, even the so-called “International” third disc) have a lot of good stuff on them that you’ll want to install. 🙂

  2. Thanks. I was only going to download 1 and 2, but if you think that 3 is worth downloading then that’s what I’ll do :).