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More price searching

I’ve done even more price searching and now come up with an alternative solution: Book a flight to NYC, and then book a flight from NYC to Des Moines separately. Doing so has brought the total price down to £535; however I would have 2 changes to make instead of one – an additional stop in Zurich, Switzerland.
It’s progress, anyway.


  1. I have always wanted to go to Zurich – Switzerland seems like a great place.
    Good luck on getting to USA.

  2. If I can find a cheaper internal flight (as in NYC to DSM) I may stop over in Zurich. I’ve been to Geneva before, but never to Zurich.

  3. Give priceline a whirl – when we go to the states, as there is normally one or two flight choices, we go to priceline and try 50% off the price and see if we get the ticket. Each time we’ve used it we’ve saved hundreds of pounds – The only thing you don’t get is the choice of airline, but you may not get that in the first place!