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The magically appearing Morbus Iff

Morbus Iff – does the name ring a bell? If not, jog along to the AmphetaDesk (AD) website and re-aquaint yourself. Okay, don’t bother – he’s the developer.
Anyway, after I briefly ranted that I didn’t like AD‘s interface in the previous entry, he posted a comment, saying how you could change the interface (perhaps using the potentially very cool AmphetaFrames) and that he’d appreciate a wee bit of feedback, which I gave in the form of an email earlier this evening. I also mentioned how quick he’d been to post his comment, and asked how he’d been able to find my blog so quickly – let’s face it, I’m not Chris Pirillo or Evan Williams, am I?
In his reply, which arrived within minutes of me sending the mail, he refused to divulge how he’d found it, but pointed to articles on Living Torah Journal and where other bloggers have had the same experience. I have to agree with the author of LTJ, it’s unbelieveably great ‘customer service’ (something commercial organisations should be envious of), and well beyond the call of duty. This guy must be very devoted to his software, and that’s a Good Thing ™.
Somehow, I don’t think I’ll be consigning AmphetaDesk to /dev/null for a long time yet.

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  1. I’ve created a skin for AmpheaDesk as well, you can find it here: