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To get to Gnomedex

You probably know by now that I really want to go to Gnomedex III this year. Well, I’ve sat down with Expedia UK and worked out how much it’ll cost to get there:

  • Flights: The most expensive bit. Living in the UK means that I have to get a transatlantic flight, which are usually prohibitive at the best of times. Flying with Continental airlines from Birmingham (BHX) to Des Moines (DSM) via Newark (EWR) – cost £755.50. Birmingham was cheaper than Manchester or any of the London airports. I could have flown from Leeds/Bradford but it would involve an additional change in Amsterdam (noooo…)
  • Travel to and from airport in UK: Free. I have a British Rail staff railcard, and can either walk or get a lift to the station.
  • Entry price: US$99 (about £65) for both days, including lunch.
  • Accommodation price: Looks to be about £50 per night, totalling £150 for 3 nights. There may be a special deal with one of the hotels like last year (I can only hope!).
  • Travel while there: No idea.

It’s looking expensive though; when spending money is taken into account, it’s going to be about £1000. If I’m going to be there, I need a job…

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