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Skinning XML

I decided to be a little crafty and have a go at styling the RSS 2.0 feed using CSS. Yes, you can tell I’m on easter holidays and have nothing better to do, can’t you?
Anyway, as you’ll see if you use a browser that supports it (Mozilla et al, and possibly Opera), not all of it is styled. That’s down to its use of Dublin Core and content:encoded extensions, which of course use colons in the tags. This is annoying because CSS interprets a colon as specifying a pseudo-element for a tag, so it sees content:encoded as specifying the encoded pseudo-element of the content tag (like A:hover specifies the hover psuedo-element of the A tag).
I’ve tried using quotes, but to no avail. I think this is where XSL (the eXtensible Stylesheet Language) comes in, but after having a quick glance at it I don’t think I’ll bother – it looks hard. Blarg.

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