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Happy April 1st!

Today is April 1st, which by definition makes it April Fools Day. I haven’t thought of any tricks that I can play on you guys without too many people getting the wrong idea, so there’s nothing humourous or sneaky on here.
Interestingly, it doesn’t appear as if ODP is doing anything this year; the past 3 years have seen some joke being played, including last year’s fake takeover by Microsoft. And Google seems to be quiet – in the past we’ve had MentalPlex and PigeonRank.
Similarly eBay is normal today. Maybe the world events are causing everyone to play safe.
Ben’s found a few. Phew. And here’s one he missed – a good way to avoid security holes when programming software.

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  1. Say bye bye to

    APRIL FOOLS! Neil has a post on internet April Fools Day pranks. Usually there are many, including dmoz and google. Today there have been very few. Neil thinks it may have to do with the war, I agree. The drive…