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Speed Restrictions

Jason recently praised a tool called PHP Accelerator, saying that it boosted’s speed by 100% (ie it was twice as fast). So I thought I’d check it out.
But did I install it? Errr, no. It turns out that you need shell access to the server, and the ability to restart Apache, which is one of the few things I don’t have the ability to do. Ah well, nice try.

You can, however, look to see how fast the index page is generated at the bottom of the sidebar – I added a bit of PHP which tells you how long it took to create the page. It’s not earth-shatteringly quick (mostly because of the gzipping), but not not slow either.

I had chance to check how the RSS feeds are doing in AmphetaDesk – the latest version, 0.39.1, has no problem with the RSS 2.0 feed and shows entries in their entirity. I’ve also enabled the comments tag in the 2.0 feed, so that if you use an aggregator that supports it, you can read any attached comments (though for reasons given earlier in the week, you can’t post them). If you are an AmphetaDesk user, go to the News page – there’s a hack there that will enable comments support. All you need to do is edit one file, and you don’t even need to close the program to do it.

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