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Lost and found

I’ve uploaded a revised copy of the monster .htaccess file that should now point everyone in the right direction – the old one had a few errors and omissions, whereas this one should (fingers crossed) be accurate, thanks to the Google cache.
I still have various other files to upload so that I can nail all of the 404 errors (mainly files like robots.txt and favicon.ico), but most of the errors should be gone now.
While we’re on the subject, Mark Pilgrim has a discussion of the use of the 410 error and how it should be used. It’s quite interesting as, technically speaking, the 404 error isn’t always appropriate. 404 just means ‘not found’, in that you probably typed the URL wrong, but 410 implies that the file was there, and now isn’t. It includes some Apache stuff for specifying 410 errors for groups of pages, for example, and for customising the error pages produced. It’s kinda geeky, but cool.

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