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Zipped up like a kipper

One of the new ‘features’ of my host account is a monthly transfer limit of 2GB – f2s had no formal limit but if you sucked up excessive bandwidth you would be charged extra. Up until the old host account was suspended on Monday, throughout March I used up 1.6GB of bandwidth for this site, so I may be cutting it close.
So you can imagine my relief when good ol’ ScriptyGoddess comes along with a guide to setting up gzip. Basically, you ensure that your pages are using PHP (of which mine are), then add a single line of code to the very top them. Now, whenever someone requests them, they’ll be compressed using the gzip algorithm, which typically makes the pages about 40% of their original size. Therefore, not only do they (in theory) load more quickly, they also protect your bandwidth limit. Hazzah!
Thanks a lot to Jasmeet for posting a link to this in LG B&B.

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