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More mugshots

I got about 6 weeks worth of photographs developed yesterday, and I’m now in the process of scanning them (I’ve had ‘orders’ from several people who want copies of my photos). I’ve put a few of the ones of me up here, click below to take a look…

This was the first time I’d ever put gel in my hair (no, really). Well, okay, someone else put it in. I quite like it, actually, and have since got some of my own which I put in from time to time. Unfortunately my hair is a little long at the moment so I can’t do that much with it, but I’ll be getting it cut over easter.

This was taken last Wednesday (12th March) in Livingstones. Quite why I had my sunglasses with me at the time, I don’t know. I have photos of a couple of other people wearing these shades from the same night (hi Nathan!).

Last Friday (14th March) was Red Nose Day, and so I had my t-shirt and red nose on. Except that the nose was about to fall of just as the camera fired, hence the blurred image and my bizarre expression.

I swear I didn’t feel as drunk as I look in this photograph, but hey. This was taken eons ago when I went to Manchester (well, the beginning of February).

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