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Two Mozilla Releases in the pipeline

And now back to your regularly scheduled programme…
MozillaZine brings news of two (yes, two) new Mozilla releases in the coming weeks. The first is Mozilla 1.3.1, as announced in last week’s staff meeting – a couple of issues have been identified (installing XPIs in OS X and memory leaks in Mail and News) which need fixing.
The second is Mozilla 1.4 Alpha, due out a week on Friday, according to the article. This release should see the addition of Mozilla Calendar, making it the sixth component in the set and making the Moz suite a more credible opponent to Outlook. It uses the iCal format, so it’s compatible with Apple’s iCal utility, although as yet there’s no XPI for OS X… The page also has listings of public holidays by country that you can download and import, to help you plan out.

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