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What wakes up, must wake down (?)

So I was awake rather earlier than I had intended this morning. For some reason, i just could not get back to sleep after waking up to the call of nature at about 7:30am, so I stayed awake and did a little early morning blog browsing.
Last night I made the mistake of joining in a drinking game, in this case Associations. The way it works is that one person thinks of the name of a famous person (let’s be topical and say Lenny Henry), and then the person next to them has to think of someone else whose first name starts with the same letter original person’s surname (for example Heather Mills). Then the next person does it, and so on. With me so far? Good.
Now, here’s where the alcohol comes in. While you are thinking of a name, you have to drink. So if you’re rather slow, or male and therefore unable to multitask (like me), then you end up rather drunk, particularly when it’s Dr Pepper and Smirnoff that you’re drinking.
I did make it to FND, complete with my gelled-up crazy hair (it was Red Nose Day after all), and managed to only spend £1 on drinks – a pint of coke. No way was I going to drink any more alcohol.
So as you can imagine, I was somewhat worse for wear this morning. As it is I’ve spent most of today behind the computer so I haven’t been exerting too much energy, though I am seriously considering hitting the stack once I’ve typed this up.

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