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Use the Ping, Luke

Two significant things have happened in the world of XML-RPC:

  1. Jason has enabled The Pinger for users who have Movable Type (like me!). Basically, if you have Movable Type 2.5 or above, you can add to your list of sites to ping with every entry (go to Weblog Config and then Preferences in the MT interface). This allows your blog to appear as ‘updated’ instantly on everyone elses’ blogrolls, thus cutting out the 5 minute lag time involved with using It is still in beta though – more details on Jason’s site and on itself.
  2. Secondly (and perhaps not quite so important, but hey) is that Chris now has TrackBack enabled. To quote:

    Figured I’d launch it with a bang. Here’s a shout-out to all you low-carbers out there – and you know who you are. Does everybody else know, though? If you avoid sugars and carbs at all costs, why don’t you TrackBack, and leave a Comment with your favorite low-carb recipe site? Same goes for all you wannabe sugar busters (and busties).

    Sadly Chris, I’m not a dieting person, so I can’t help, but I thought you might appreciate a ping :).

Oh, before you ask: Yes, I am awake at 8:30am on a Saturday morning, and yes, I do have a hangover. I’ll explain later, shall I?

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