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Where the girls get down to the sound of the radio

So I made it out again last night. One of the girls has her birthday today (19 years young), but since Wednesday is a better night for going out, we went out yesterday instead.
Although we’d intended to leave about 9pm, it was nearly 10 by the time we actually left (my rule: if someone tells you they’ll be ready in x minutes, to get the actual time, double it and add a few for good luck). We started in Bambooza, before heading on to Walkabout (first time I’d been there this term) and finally Livingstones, as usual. It was nice to have (almost) everyone out too.
And for once I was able to get a reasonable night’s sleep after coming back – in fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that I have lectures very soon, I’d have stayed in bed much longer.

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