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The ODP Weblog

I’d like to unveil a new group weblog that I’m involved in: The ODP Weblog. Amazingly enough, it’s a weblog about the ODP, aimed at the general public. All editors (in theory) have access to it, although there are only a handful of us actually involved in updating it. It’s very much like Google Weblog, except about the ODP, and is actually published by editors (though it isn’t officially related to Netscape, our parent company).
While it would be unwise to expect regular updates, there may be a few interesting things cropping up there. It’s created using Ciaran‘s homegrown blogging system, but it supports trackbacking, so you can indirectly comment on articles (public commenting was not added because usually anything to do with the ODP attracts trolls).
Of course, if there are articles you think should be posted there, feel free to get in touch with me via my feedback link on the weblog index page.

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