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No ordinary Tuesday

Well, that was rather random.
We have two Maths lectures on Tuesday – one at 12 lasting 1 hour, and one at 2pm lasting 3 hours. The first lecture was packed, as the lecturer was giving out coursework assignments (which appear to be written in some bizarre language that bares only minor resemblance to English). And it was hell. So after it, myself and a handful of friends descended on the Biko Bar (the ‘other’ union bar) for a sandwich and an alcoholic beverage; the sandwiches there are superb – think of it being a small branch of Subway, but in a pub 🙂
So we chatted about how bad that lecture was, how the lecturer is really the spawn of satana bit annoying and how we really should have all done Business Computing. Two of the lads were going snowboarding in Halifax this evening, and as such they needed gloves; one of them, my mate Geoff, also needed a cap. So we thought, ‘hey, let’s go to the White Rose Centre‘. So we did. It also gave me a chance to do some shopping – we had a car between us so I could buy 6 2-litre bottles of drink without worrying about carrying them home. Which was nice.
But we couldn’t get this cap. So we then decided to go into Leeds city centre, where we traipsed around looking at caps and things. We finally got one, and I eventually got back to halls at 6pm – about 5 hours later than I would have done, had I not gone to the pub. Heh.
But at least I got my shopping done – I was in danger of running out of things to drink. So tonight will be spent with my feet up recovering, I think…

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