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Bloggies 2003 – Results

So, the Bloggies have finally been announced. There are a few small surprises, but on the whole, I think the winners were very deserving of the awards. The full list of winners (and the prizes they have won) is on Farivue, but here’s my commentary on the subject:

BlogSnob was the deserving winner of the ‘best weblog webring’ category (which reminds me, I haven’t re-added the code yet :O ). It’s also the only one of the nominees for which I’m a member of.
Googlism took the best meme category, beating BlogTree which I thought might take it. BlogChalking was also nominated, but I didn’t think it deserved to win – it was too much of a concept and not enough of a reality. You can read my experiences with Googlism from back in October if you like.
30 days to a more accessible blog quite rightly took the ‘best article or essay about weblogs’ category – accessibility is a good thing, and more sites (not just blogs) should be taking it up.
I can’t live without BlogRolling, so I was glad to see it won the ‘best weblog directory or update monitor’ category. The eternally useful BlogDex was also nominated, as were and I prefer personally.
BlogRolling was also nominated for the ‘best web application for weblogs’ category, but was beaten by Movable Type, again, a deserving winner. Blogger was also rightly nominated – it’s not the world’s best blogging system but without it I probably wouldn’t have started this blog.
The gorgeously-designed Loobylu (a blog I should read more often) won ‘best australian or new zealand weblog’ and ‘best-designed weblog’, beating PlasticBag and Neurotic Fishbowl. PlasticBag could have taken it, but I wasn’t expecting the Fishbowl to win – sorry Kymberlie.
Firda won the Best Asian Weblog for the third year running, but she still deserves it even now. Nice design coupled with humourous postings – like blogging should be.
Textism won on my home turf – ‘best European or African weblog’ (So Yurp isn’t important enough to get its own category? Hmph). It’s certainly an interesting one, and another candidate for my ‘must read more often’ list. And some of its downloadable PHP toys are cool 🙂
I can’t really comment about the ‘best Latin American’ or ‘best Canadian’ weblog categories since I’ve never read any of them, and I don’t really read any of the ‘best American’ weblogs either.
‘best programming of a weblog site’ went to Scripty Goddess. Believe it or not, there is a Movable Type installation in there, but it’s been heavily customised. Textism got a nomination here because it uses a homegrown blogging system.
The ‘Goddess’ also took the ‘best web development weblog’ category, beating the likes of Scripting News and The Girlie Matters, a site I found by accident a few weeks ago.
Three cheers for Chris for beating off the likes of Boing Boing and SlashDot to win ‘best computers or technology weblog’. Of course, this article, and the fact that it was mentioned live on TechTV probably helped. Now Chris, how about dyeing your hair bright red? 😉
I’m skipping a few now, but the winner of ‘weblog of the year’ (the big award) was Little Yellow Different. I’ve never read it personally, but it may be something to try seeing as everyone else likes it. It beat the likes of MetaFilter, A Small Victory (which I find a little too political and depressing), DaveZilla (I have to read this more often too), Textism and BoingBoing, which is quite an achievement.

And I wasn’t nominated. Ah well, there’s always the Anti-Bloggies 😉

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