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New stuff in Mozilla 1.3 RC1

After a little encouragement and a lot of waiting, Mozilla 1.3 RC1 is finally downloaded and installed. There are a few changes over Mozilla 1.3 beta:

  • A new splash screen in Windows. Except it’s boring and brown, and doesn’t have Mozzie on anymore 🙁
  • Removal of the Debug and QA menus, and the build number from the title bar (since this is a release candidate and is therefore designed to be like the final release)
  • Re-ordering of the items on the menu shown when you right-click a tab – ‘Close’ is now at the top, which makes more sense in my opinion.
  • Even better popup controls. If you choose to allow popups by default, you can have a blacklist of sites you want to block. On the other hand, if you block them by default, you can have a whitelist. So everyone’s happy.

And while I’m here, there’s a new Phoenix win32 build from yesterday, and a Linux one from today. It includes a fix for the XUL error shown instead of the Security tab on the Page Info dialog, and presumably other stuff that I’ve not found yet.

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