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Sigh of Relief

The account is fixed, with the offending secret question removed in favour of one that I can remember. So I now actually have some money in my account – I was down to a mere £17.86…
I’m at home this weekend, which gives me much needed access to broadband (like I was ever going to download DirectX 9.0 on a 56k modem…). Today I invested in a Red Nose Day T-shirt (they look quite cool, and provide a change from my usual blue, black or grey t-shirts). They’re £9 for adult sizes, with a hefty £5 from each going to Comic Relief. Which is enough to pay for 5 Ethiopian street children to have breakfast for a month. Okay, I do tend to avoid breakfast myself, but when it’s possibly the only meal you get in a day, I imagine it would be a life saver.

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