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Behold: my part-time liver of steel

I have come to the conclusion that my liver of steel only works on Wednesdays. Last Wednesday I had 9 bottles. Yesterday, I had 7 bottles, and then a cocktail with 3 shots, so we’ll call that the equivalent of 10 bottles. Yet, I could only manage 3 on Friday, though I’ll put that down to tiredness and improperly managed drinking.
The CompSoc social did actually go ahead this week, and it turned into a mini pub crawl, with 4 destinations covered.

Although I was at the Courtyard (our student union bar) for almost bang on 8pm, no-one turned up until 8:20pm, by which time I was about to give up. In fact, had it not been for the fact that I was currently consuming a blackberry Reef (it’s a new flavour – tastes nice actually), I would have legged it.
So anyway, we sat down and had a chat about various things, not necessarily to do with computers, before ‘heading’ to The Head. I’ve been there quite a bit last term (they sponsor the women’s football team, and one of my friends plays on it) but it was the first time I’d been there this term. We didn’t spend long there – it isn’t the cheapest place around and we couldn’t sit down as it was pretty full. But it did give me a chance to try a loganberry flavoured Red Square, which was also nice.
Next stop was Bar:[Me], again, after my persuasion. The promise of £1 a drink with only £1 entry seemed to entice them, especially as they weren’t even charging for entry. It wasn’t particularly lively, so after a couple of drinks we progressed to Revolution, our final destination.
Like The Head, I hadn’t been to Revolution yet this term (in fact I haven’t been there for some time), so it was nice to go there again. They do some nice cocktails too – I had a ‘Russian Bride’, which is their take on a White Russian – 3 shots of different alcoholic substances topped up with cold milk. It’s very nice :).
By 12:30am I was starting to have trouble walking (according to I had a blood alcohol level of 0.117%), so I bailed out and went back home via one of the takeaways. For some reason, I fancied some onion baajis, which weren’t particularly nice but seemed like a good idea at the time.
I was in bed by 1am, which I was quite impressed at, despite being woken up at 3am by some people outside my door. And for the record, yes, I am feeling somewhat fragile this morning.

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