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My new toy

I’ve got a new toy 🙂
. It’s a Unitec Duex, one of those MP3 player things – except this one is slightly smarter than the average.
Firstly, it appears as a drive in Windows Explorer, so you’re not tied to their software. The USB plug is actually built into the player, so you don’t need any extra cables (although an extension cable is provided seeing as most USB ports are at the back of the computer). It’s got 128MB of RAM, only uses 1 battery and supports MP3 and WMA. And it looks nice too, and is unbelievably light.
I got it from for £130 – £70 off the RRP, and it arrived today, despite only being ordered on Friday – in fact, the payments have yet to show up on my bank statement (although the balance has gone down to take the withdrawal into account).
The drivers were a bit of a pain to install – you have to install them before connecting, as I found when I connected it before installing the drivers, and then getting a ‘driver cannot start’ error. But it works now, and I have 29 songs to listen to. Yay! 😀

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