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Worming Around

Way back in 1999, I got a copy of Worms Armageddon, having already got the demo of the original Worms, the full version and the Reinforcements add-on pack. This was great to use on my parent’s Windows 98 computer, but when I put XP on there, it was no go. No matter what emulation settings I enabled, the damn thing just would not run.
Until now. My next-door neighbour has the re-released version on the Sold Out budget label (costing a mere £5 as opposed to the £30 I paid when it first came out…), which includes a patch that adds XP compatibility. Installing that allowed it to run straight off, even on my own CD. It also adds a couple of extra features, such as the ability to minimise the game and choose from a greater selection of gravestones, and I think there’s a few more sound packs too (I don’t remember Whoopsie and Thespian from my day).
So you can probably make an educated guess at what I’ve been playing lately… 😀

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