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Keeping my big mouth shut

Well if I do have a liver of steel, it was obviously taking a holiday last night – I was wobbly after a mere 3 drinks.
I think it’s partly to do with my late start in drinking – on Wednesday I started at about 6:30pm whereas last night I didn’t crack open my first bottle until nearly 11pm, and then had 3 in an hour. That, and I was rather tired, which was why I never made it to the dance floor.
Fortunately there were no drunken lunatics to deal with this time around, which was refreshing.
What isn’t refreshing is the fact that we currently have no clean water in halls – the mains pipe sprung a leak and Yorkshire Water still haven’t sent anyone around to sort it out. :(.
Today is yet another open day for the Computing department, which I’ve opted to help out on, so it’s probably a good thing that I did stop drinking last night.

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