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Behold: my liver of steel

I really should be asleep right now, but I needed to get up before my bladder combusted, and then I decided to stay awake. I’m rather tired, having got a mere 4 hours sleep, and feeling somewhat hung over. Yes, you guessed it, I went out last night.

I set off at about 7:15pm to take one of my friends over to the main campus where she was due to meet someone – although it’s only a short walk I decided to go with her as it’s after dark and there are some rather dodgy people about. It also saved me from going on my own later on – just because I’m a guy, it doesn’t mean that I’m not vunerable.
I’d intended to meet the rest of the Computing Society (CompSoc) exec for our Wednesday social at 8pm, but as it was, I actually arrived about half an hour early. Fortunately, Geoff (the one who came across this site accidently) was there with one of his friends, so I sat down and we started chatting, and timing each others toilet trips (the record was 29 seconds, if it interests you).
By 9pm, no-one from CompSoc had turned up, so I followed Geoff and his mate back to their block (which is literally next door to the union bar). They seem to be a somewhat organised bunch there – all the rooms are networked together into a large hub in Geoff’s room. But that’s not all – they also have a file server and a shared printer in a broom cupboard. Of course, it means there are wires and duct tape everywhere, but the concept is cool.
After meeting a few more of Geoff’s friends, we headed off to Bar:[Me].
Yes, Bar:[Me]. That place where I did karaoke several consecutive Sunday nights last term, and then never set foot in since. But when it’s a £1 to get in and all drinks are £1, you can’t really complain. And especially when the theme is a beach party and it’s full of girls wearing very little…
(Sorry, that’s my blokey side showing through – ignore it)
The DJ still knows my name, but this time I wasn’t the only one – one of the people I was tagging along with was an ex-employee so her entrance was announced to everyone as well. But, 11pm was getting closer, and Livingstones was beckoning. I left my adopted group there, since they were taking advantages of the cheaper prices, and I headed off on my own. Before you start worrying, I’d like to point out that you can’t move for CCTV cameras in that area of Bradford – I don’t think anyone would dare attack people there.
Once inside Livingstones, I bumped into most of my friends, including a few I haven’t talked to in ages. And I managed some time on the dance floor too, before finally leaving at about 2am, ironically with the girl that I walked over with in the first place. She’d actually intended to leave at 12:30am, but, well, that didn’t happen.
All in all, it was a good night, if a little random, like last Wednesday was. My alcohol consumption was pushing the limit – between 6:30pm and about 1:30am I drank no less than 9 bottles. At home, I had a Vodka Reef (yes, I bought another one of those 9-bottle ice boxes from Netto), at the student union I had two Smirnoff Ices, at Bar:[Me] I had a VK Blue, VK Orange and a V Ice, and at Livingstones I had a K2 Orange, K2 Blueberry and a VK Iron Brew. Despite that, I only spent about £13 over the whole night, and I wasn’t that drunk by the end of it, but seeing as I have lectures this morning I decided it was best to not go over the top.

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