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No more horizontal scrolling

I fixed the template ‘bug’ which means that those of you who insist on using IE will no longer have to scroll horizontally to read what I have to say. It bottles down to the positioning of the ‘content’ pane – in the MT template, it uses ‘margin-left:225px’ to give a 225 pixel margin. For some reason, while Mozilla correctly makes the content pane 225 pixels smaller at the left hand side, IE just shifts it across by 225 pixels, which means that it remains the same size and you have to scroll across to read it.
The fix was, fortunately, simple – I just had to change ‘margin-left’ to ‘left’. Now the content pane starts 225 pixels away from the left-hand side of the window, and both Mozilla and IE are now happy.
I would apologise, but I don’t think I need to – it’s Microsoft’s bastardised implementation of CSS which caused this, not me. And it appears to affect many other MT users too, which is a shame :(.

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