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Getting back to normal

I’ve tweaked up the template so it should look a little less like it’s been casually knocked up out of the default one. Okay, so that’s all I did, but I don’t want it to appear that way ;).
As you may notice, smileys have returned! 😀 MTMacro is now doing its magic stuff once again, which also means that the @%$&
ing swear word filter is back in action. I also eradicated the popups for comments and trackbacks, and moved all the trackbacky things to the individual archive pages. As such, the site should be somewhat more accessable – I’m hoping to go for Bobby ‘AA’ this time, but because of how BlogRolling works, that may not be possible – it insists on using line breaks instead of list tags, which to me is silly considering a blogroll is a list of links… I can fix it, if I get a contributor account, which I’m intending to once PayPal decide to accept my Switch card (they said mid-February, but it’s nearly March now 🙁 ).
Thanks to Meryl K. Evans, one of the Lockergnome writers and a member of Web Standards Project, I now have a PDA Template for those of you who may like to read this on your portable devices. I don’t know if any of you do, but hey, now you can. Her template is available here.
I still have much tweaking to do, but I’ve at least made some progress. Expect ‘normality’ by Easter.

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