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Costly Cartridges

I’ve now been using my printer for 2 months, and already, the black cartridge is empty. 2 months! And it’s not like I was using it that much either.
Seeing as it’s my job to do the presentation slides for Friday, I needed some more ink pretty pronto. So I toddled off into town on Monday, and went to WHSmith, where there’s a 3 for 2 offer on their own brand cartridges which are cheaper than those sold by the printer manufacturers themselves.
Unfortunately, WHSmith don’t have own brand cartridges for my printer, probably because it’s too new, and they nearly didn’t have any official Epson cartridges either. But £16.99 for a sodding 10ml black and white cartridge is ridiculous. My parents’ Stylus Color 660 takes 20ml cartridges for about £15, and those last twice as long.
It’s even worse when you consider that the printer itself cost a mere £40 – the cartridges cost nearly half the price of a new printer. No wonder the EU/Office of Fair Trading/both are investigating the activities of Epson, Lexmark, HP and Canon – I appreciate they have to make their money somehow, but this is nasty.
Hopefully, companies like WHSmith will be producing their own brands of cartridges for the C42 series before long – that way, I can actually afford to use this damn thing. I’m a student, for gawd’s sake!

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