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They’ve got their Halifacts wrong

Remember when my Switch card got eaten by a machine? Well, in order to have the card arrive at my university address, I had the correspondence address on my Halifax account changed. This meant that while I was still registered at my parent’s house in York, any mail would be sent to me here in Bradford. Sounds great? Well no.

You see, Halifax’s online banking system is now very confused. It has 2 addresses, and doesn’t know which one I want to use, and as such, it isn’t going to let me open a new account. I want to move the £400 that I probably won’t spend into a Web Saver account, so that it can accumulate more interest, but it won’t let me.

So, I had to go into the Halifax branch in Bradford and have the address changed back to my parents’ home address, on the advice of the nice woman on the Halifax helpline. Which, unlike a certain cable television company, was able to answer the phone almost immediately, and not take 45 minutes…

But anyway, the account is now up and running, so I should be a little richer in a few weeks. And because I can manage both this and my existing current account online, I can transfer money between the two instantaneously, so if I do need to take out some cash, doing so is nice and easy.

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