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Another club to tick off

Last night was the first Wednesday night social of CompSoc, the University of Bradford Computing Student Society. And since I’m on the executive commitee for it, I guess I had to go.

We started off in The Courtyard, which is the Union bar on campus, where after realising that we wouldn’t be getting a deluge of students (unless 6 is a deluge in your mind), we decided to go through and play pool (doubles). And my side lost, but only just – I did actually managed to pot some balls.
We stayed and chatted for a little while longer (and got to meet some other people that I’d never met) before heading to Bambooza. I’ve been there once before, but that was back in October. The place has changed a bit – it’s now no longer open on Mondays, and instead aims itself as a first port of call for people going to Livingstones. As such, it has loud music, flashing lights and a dance floor, but remains cheap – that night all spirits were 3 for the price of 1, all bottles were 2 for the price of 1 and all pints were £1 (3-2-1, geddit?). So I imagine we’ll be going there again.
11pm (aka closing time) rolled around, and I was faced with a decision – do I go to Livingstones on my own, paying £2 to get in, in the knowledge that there may be one of my friends there, or do I follow the crowd to the Bradford Rio, which isn’t really my kind of music but is only £1 to get in and I know I’ll be with friends? I went for the second option. And in hindsight, it was a good decision.
I’ve never been to Rios before, because as I said, I’m not really into nu-metal, ska, punk and all the other alternative sub-genres. But having remembered that only two weeks ago I was in Satan’s Hollow in Manchester, which was alright, I though “hey, why not”. That, and I’d never actually been to Rios, and wanted to see what it was like.
Being half term, there was a queue to get in – it was basically 1-in, 1-out as the place was already full to capacity. It’s larger than I expected, and actually has 2 rooms – a main room, playing more commercial stuff, and a heavier room for true metalheads. The main room is presumably where live bands play – Bowling for Soup is probably the most widely known band to have played there recentlyI heard Bowling for Soup had played there but I appear to be mistaken.. Although the bar seemed well stocked, you couldn’t get near it – there were so many people there, and besides, I’d already had 6 drinks that night (drunk over 3 hours), so it was probably best to play it careful since I have lectures this morning…
Overall, it was a good night – I got to meet new people, see new places and try new things. I was hoping to have got Tom over from Manchester, as they play his kind of music there, but apparently he’s too busy with university work. But it’s on the cards for another night, I guess.
For the record, yes I am a little hungover this morning, but I think I can make it to my 11am lecture. Well, with the emphasis on ‘I think’…

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