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Armchair shopping

I’ve been doing a bit of online supermarket shopping today. Seeing as Netto have a pretty inconsistent product range, and a taxi to Tesco can be in the region of £5 each way, I decided it would be easier to buy my produce online and have it delivered, since the delivery charge is usually only £5.
Although I’m loyal to Tesco (at home it’s my local supermarket/life support unit), I had a £5 voucher for Sainsbury’s so I decided to use them too, and would go for whichever one was cheapest at the end.
In terms of visual appeal, I liked the Sainsbury’s site better – the interface was less cluttered and looked more professional, but Tesco’s site was a little more intuitive – I tended to find products more quickly from my searches on Tesco than Sainsbury’s. The latter would give me a list of categories that my product may be in, which wasn’t alway accurate – the first match for ‘naan bread’ was ciabatta.
Sainsbury’s eventually got my custom, because the overall cost was going to be cheaper, and they actually had high juice squash – I couldn’t find it on Tesco’s site. The delivery is between 4pm and 6pm tomorrow.

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  1. Ah the age-old question of style versus substance.