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Never tempt fate

Unfortunately, my worries about last night came true – it didn’t go as planned.
Everything was fine initially – 17 of us set off pretty much on time in a happy mood. The train was on time (and three of the girls actually got away with not paying…), and we were at Creation by 10:40pm – a whole 20 minutes before they started charging. And then we hit the snag.
You see, one of my friends had hos birthday last night, and as we were leaving, we made him down several shots of vodka. Therefore, by the time he got there, he was a little tipsy (but certainly not that bad). However, the bouncers were having none of it, and they refused to let him in. And since we’d got a bit split up, myself and a few other had already gone in, put our coats in the cloakroom and started drinking. So we had to leave, as it was unfair to leave him on his birthday.
Anyway, Walkabout was just up the road, so we went there. It wasn’t that good – they had a live band playing, who, admittedly were quite talented, but it was nowhere near as good as Creation would have been. Midnight was looming, and we were bored. So after a little bargaining with taxi drivers (we managed to haggle from £45 for 7 down to £25 cash up front), we went back to Bradford, and converged on the FND.
I’ve probably said that I’m bored of the FND, and in some respects I am because it’s usually the same as every week, but actually last night’s wasn’t too bad. Although any night when you hear DJ Sammy’s “Heaven”, Jurgen Vries’ “The Opera Song” and Ian van Dahl’s “Castles In The Sky” back to back deserves respect. And I suppose arriving later meant that we missed the boring bits at the beginning anyway.
My wallet did take a hammering though – I went out with a stroke over £30 and have come home with a mere £6.50, which is half of what I intended to spend this week. Of course, if we’d gone to the FND in the first place, then I’d have spent £10, if that.
I did also beat my existing bottle consumption record: 8 in one night. And boy do I have a hangover…

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