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Pedantic Printing

Arrrgh. The report still isn’t ready.
Well it is, in that we have all of the pieces in it, but we don’t yet have a paper copy. The reason? The darn thing wouldn’t print. Instead, it credited my friend’s printing account with £107.20, which sounds good, but at the moment a report would be far more useful.
So I’m now downloading it back in my room to print it off on my own printer. Although the deadline passed well over an hour ago, our lecturer was very understanding and has told us that she doesn’t mind if it is a couple of hours late (basically, as long as it’s in some time today she doesn’t mind).
Computers. Don’t you just love them?

One Comment

  1. oh holy crap. i have to turn in my report.
    thanks for the reminder. 🙂
    happy valentine’s day / friday, too.