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9th consecutive night in

Yup, I’m staying in again tonight, with the TV, the net and a rather nice chicken korma for company. I need an early night – it’s likely tomorrow will be a very late one, and I’m shattered after today. You see, we have a group report for Key Skills due in tomorrow morning, and until today, as a group, we’d been getting nowhere. So we spent much of the afternoon sorting everything sorted out and making sure the report looked long enough (read: it isn’t long enough, but if we make the font size larger no-one will ever notice).
Fortunately, it’s now all-but finished, with just the conclusion and front cover to be done, which can be appended tomorrow; it isn’t due in until 11am, so we have some time before the session to put the final thing together.
Last night I watched the film ‘Life‘ with a few friends, which was actually quite good despite me never having heard of it… It stars Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence with Wyclef Jean providing the soundtrack. It has an ingenious twist at the end – all along, you know how the film is going to end, but when it gets there, the actual ending is different. Clever.
And the alcohol is gradually decresing – the two Vodka Ices bit the dust last night (and despite being dirt cheap, Red Star is quite nice), so I’m now down to 10 bottles of Vodka Reef. Which will probably take a hammering tomorrow night during a pre-Leeds piss-up. And yes, I will be offering to share them out – there’s no way I’ll be able to get in to, well, anywhere after drinking 10 bottles of that stuff. Well, apart from a public toilet, which is where I’d probably spend most of the night.
I’m a little concerned about tomorrow – we’ve been building up for it for so long that everyone has really high expectations, so I really hope it is a good night. And if it isn’t, I have plenty of money spare so I’ll just get myself so drunk that I won’t care…
Mmmm…. chicken korma…..

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  1. yes. i wholly agree with the whole getting drunk until you don’t care business. 😛
    silly neil. drink some for meeeeeeee!!