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Cold 1 Tissues 0

The cold still persists – I am now on my second box of tissues (the first box only lasted a week). Fortunately the headaches and sore throat have subsided, but my nose is still a supreme snot factory. I think I’m in need of another curry tonight.
Mozilla 1.3 Beta seems to be performing well – I’ll write up a review soon (I’d rather give it time before I pass judgement).
I’m also slightly concerned about the amount of alcohol I have in my possesion. I have a bottle of HD Vodka Ice left over from Christmas, a bottle of Red Star Vodka Ice which was going cheaply at Jacksons, and no less than 10 bottles of Orange and Passionfruit flavoured Vodka Reef. If you’re wondering why, Netto currently has an offer of 9 bottles for £5.49, which is about 61p a bottle. The student union sells them for £1.25 a bottle on a night. Now you know why I bought them.
Oh, and I have a 50ml (double-shot sized) bottle of Smirnoff Red Label, again left over from Christmas. I’m sure I’ll find some use for it.
Tonight is another night in for me (the eighth consecuitive night in), since everyone else is broke, and Friday could get quite expensive. And yes, I did stay in Monday after all. I’m hoping we may at least watch a film tonight, or something.

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