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My sore head

Now this is just evil. Not only did the fire alarm go off last night, but security decided that it was still wise to test it this morning. I think the fact that it managed to get everyone out of bed at 3:30am is probably a good indicator that it works.
Seeing as we tend not to go out on Sunday nights anymore, I stayed in and watched Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged me, again. Yes, I know the last time I saw it was a mere 10 weeks ago, but this was on Channel 4, and it was a good film. Well, of course it was, I’d already seen it twice, duh. But some of the jokes still cracked me up, and I did catch a few things that I hadn’t seen previously.
There’s a chance we may be going out tonight. I’m going to lobby against Livingstones – although it’s free before 11pm it doesn’t get going to about 12:30am, and I still have this evil cold so I don’t want to push it too far. With a bit of luck, I’ll also be going out on Wednesday, and Friday is the Big Night Out in Leeds™. Just how big remains to be seen, but we’ll all be going to Creation, since we all have free entry before 11pm (it opens at 9pm). And because it’s Valentines Day, we want to go somewhere where the soppy love songs will be confined to one room (if they’re played at all) – as far as I know, act 1 is cheese, act 2 is r’n’b and act 3 is “funky, groovy house and progressive” with DJ Oliver Lang from the Miss Moneypenny’s club in Ibiza. I thought I’d tell you that because Creation haven’t updated their web site since Christmas.
I have no idea what we’ll be doing on Wednesday, but inevitability tells me it’ll be Livingstones. I might lobby in favour of some kind of pre-club pub crawl, though.

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