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Diary of a fire alarm

3:37am – Okay, that’s the fire alarm. Ah well, it’s Monday morning, they’ll just be testing it. They always test it on Mondays.
3:37:30am – Hmmm…. must be a long a test.
3:38am – Darn it, it sounds like a proper alarm. What time is it? 3:38? Blarg. Better get up, then…
3:39am – Argh. My clothes are all in the wash. My dressing gown will have to do.
3:40am – OK, I’m out. And it’s cold. Brrrrrr.
3:42am – Oh good, there’s a security guard going in to check it out. But he’s using the lift! That’s like soooo illegal!
3:45am – Hmmm, he must be doing a pretty thorough search.
3:50am – A very thorough search. Man it’s cold out here.
3:53am – This is getting silly. I could have got fully dressed by now.
3:55am – At last! Geez, I’m glad that’s over.
Of course, I’m showing my true geekiness by the fact that instead of going straight back to bed, I decided to check my email and write this blog entry first. Naturally, the real version of this would have had much more profanity in it, especially when you consider I was standing in near-freezing temperatures wearing a dressing gown and pyjamas, and the sheer bad timing of it all.
See you in the morning.


  1. yes!! fire drill entries!! excellent.
    we don’t have many, thankfully. mwahahahaha!

  2. we used to get them all the ruddy time when i was in uni halls! :S