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Lack of decent news

There was a time when I could spend a good half hour browsing through the BlogDex top 50, picking out interesting articles that other bloggers have linked to, whether they were humourous, technology-related or whatever. But now, even with Popdex, I find barely anything of interest on either. Why? Because of this damn war with Iraq.
The lists are now full of news and commentary about dossiers, smoking guns, weapons inspectors, presentations and all sorts – at time of writing, I think a mere 5 out of the 50 articles on Blogdex’s front page are not related to the fight to topple Saddam.
While I’m sure it’s great for all you warbloggers out there, it’s as boring as hell for me. The war doesn’t interest me much, mainly because the arguments about it have dragged on for so long that I’ve almost switched off from it. In general, I’m anti-war, in that I’m worried about the levels of civilian casulaties and what the US will do to Iraq if/when Saddam is removed. Don’t get me wrong, Saddam is a tyrant, and a quite frankly insane one at that, but the Iraqi people surely aren’t.
So come on, let’s talk about nice, friendly, happy, peaceful, funny things.

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    Sorry if this was a bit vulgar for normal web viewing but these people really piss me off. I am hoping to make them pay for every time I have had to spend hours cleaning off a system that a user has unwittingly trashed by clicking on OK on their underhanded icon.